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Tamsin Greig, actor
Tamsin Greig, actor

"Last Gasp" is the fourth episode of the first series of the British black comedy anthology television programme Inside No. 9. It first aired on 26 February 2014 on BBC Two. Written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, the story revolves around the birthday of the severely ill Tamsin—played by Lucy Hutchinson—whose parents arrange for the singer Frankie J Parsons (David Bedella) to visit their daughter through the charity WishmakerUK. Frankie dies after blowing up a balloon, leading to arguments between Tamsin's father (Pemberton), the WishmakerUK representative Sally (Tamsin Greig, pictured), and Frankie's assistant Si (Adam Deacon) over the now-valuable balloon containing Frankie's last breath. The story was inspired by someone Pemberton had seen on Swap Shop who collected air from different places. The episode is a morality tale that satirizes and critiques celebrity culture. Pemberton subsequently sold a balloon containing his breath on eBay, with proceeds going to a Sport Relief charity. (Full article...)

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Pyaling, a tower complex in Ingushetia
Pyaling, a tower complex in Ingushetia

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Intuitive Machines' Nova-C lunar lander
Odysseus lunar lander

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Nabonassar's name in Akkadian
Nabonassar's name in Akkadian
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Umer Gul
Umer Gul

There have been 137 five-wicket hauls taken by 121 different players in Twenty20 International (T20I) cricket. A T20I is an international cricket match between two teams, each having T20I status, as determined by the International Cricket Council, the sport's world governing body. A five-wicket haul refers to a bowler taking five or more wickets in a single innings. This is regarded as a notable achievement, especially in the Twenty20 format, as bowlers can bowl no more than four overs in an innings. The first five-wicket haul in a T20I match was taken by Pakistan's Umar Gul (pictured) while playing against New Zealand at The Oval during the 2009 ICC World Twenty20. Five bowlers have taken a five-wicket haul on T20I debut. Tanzania's Yalinde Nkanya has taken the most economical five-wicket haul with an economy rate of just 0.50. He ended with the figures of 5/2 in 4 overs. (Full list...)

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The Grands Boulevards

The Grands Boulevards is an oil on canvas painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painted in 1875. The painting illustrates a busy Paris boulevard, showing the effects of the recent renovation of the city by Georges-Eugène Haussmann. It depicts a wide, paved street with a large concrete building to the right of the painting. The influence of impressionism on Renoir can be seen in the painting through the short brush strokes and a seemingly out of focus view. The work is now in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Painting credit: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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