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Virus Creation Laboratory
VCL Title Screen in Windows Vista
Developer(s)Nowhere Man
Stable release
1.0 / July 5, 1992
Operating systemMS-DOS
TypeVirus creation

The Virus Creation Laboratory (VCL) was one of the earliest attempts to provide a virus creation tool so that individuals with little to no programming expertise could mass-create computer viruses.[1] VCL required a password for access, which was widely published alongside VCL. The password was "Chiba City",[2] a likely reference to the William Gibson novel Neuromancer.

A hacker dubbed "Nowhere Man", of the NuKE hacker group, released the software in July 1992.[3]

However, it was later discovered that viruses created with the Virus Creation Laboratory were often ineffective, as many anti-virus programs of the day caught them easily. Also, many viruses created by the program did not work at all - and often, their source codes could not be compiled, thus rendering the virus program created unusable. [4] Despite its limitations, several viruses created with the program became widespread.[5]


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