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This is a list of potato varieties or cultivars. Potato cultivars can have a range of colors due to the accumulation of anthocyanins in the tubers. These potatoes also have coloured skin, but many varieties with pink or red skin have white or yellow flesh, as do the vast majority of cultivated potatoes. The yellow colour, more or less marked, is due to the presence of carotenoids. Varieties with coloured flesh are common among native Andean potatoes, but relatively rare among modern varieties. They are rarely cultivated because their yield is usually lower than that of improved varieties and are sought after by some amateurs as a curiosity.

Name Image Country of origin Year of
Adirondack Blue Adirondack Blue.jpg United States 2003
Adirondack Red AdirondackRed.gif United States 2003
Agata Potato variety Agata.jpg Netherlands 1976
Agria [de] Agria.jpg
Ajanhuiri [es] Solanum tuberosum Ajanhuiri (02).jpg Bolivia
Almond Almond potato.JPG Sweden
Alpine Russet
Alturas United States 2002
Amandine Amandine (pomme de terre).png France 1990s
Allians Kartoffel Allians 03 (fcm).jpg Germany
Amarilla Peru
Amflora Auspflanzung Schweden 2.jpg 1996 Cultivation was initially permitted in Europe, but was later prohibited in 2013.[1]
Andean black Andean black potato 2.JPG
Annabelle Netherlands
Anuschka Anuschka.jpg
Anya Scotland 1996
Arran Victory Home Grown 'Arran Victory' Potatoes.jpg Scotland
Atlantic Atlantic Leaf.png United States 1978
Atlas Atlas potato.JPG
Augusta Basket of potatoes.jpg
Austrian Crescent
Baccara Baccara.jpg
Bamberg Bamberger Hoernle.jpg Germany
Bamberger Bamberger Hörnla.JPG
Banana [1] [2]
Bannock Russet
Barbara Solanum tuberosum Barbara (03).jpg
Belana Belana Kartoffeln.jpeg
Bellarosa Bellarosa.jpg
Belle de Fontenay Belle de Fontenay - variété de pomme de terre01.png France 1885
Berlichingen Solanum tuberosum Berlichingen.jpg
Bintje Plants certifiés Bintje.png Netherlands 1904
Bionta Solanum tuberosum Bionta (02).jpg
Black Champion Ireland
Blaue Hindelbank Solanum tuberosum Blaue Hindelbank.jpg
Blaue St. Galler Blaue St. Galler 2.jpg Switzerland
Blaue Uttenwill Solanum tuberosum Blaue Uttenwill.jpg
Blaue Viola Solanum tuberosum Blaue Viola (03).jpg
Blaue Vogtländer' Solanum tuberosum Blaue Vogtländer (03).jpg
Blazer Russet
Bloomer Ireland 1936
Blue Bell Solanum tuberosum Blue Bell (02).jpg
Blue Christie Solanum tuberosum Blue Christie (04).jpg
Blue Congo [de] Blauer Schwede b.JPG Also known as 'Blue Swede' or 'Idaho blue' and was voted German "potato of the year 2006".[3]
Bojar Solanum tuberosum Bojar (05).jpg
Bonnotte [de] Pomme de terre variété bonnotte.JPG
Brambory Brambory.jpg
British Queen Scotland 1894
Butte 1977
Camel Red
Canela Russet
Cara Maincrop, Blight Resistant
Champion Scotland 1863
Charlotte Salad, Blight Resistant
Chérie Chérie (pomme de terre).png
Cheyenne Solanum tuberosum Cheyenne (04).jpg
Chiloé Papas de colores de Chiloe.jpg [4]
Ciclame Solanum tuberosum Ciclame (03).jpg
Clavela Blanca
Colette Colette.jpg
Corte Papa andina, pomme de terre,Gonterre 2007 1337.jpg Andahuaylas, Peru
Cream of the Crop From South America. Purple skin, slight whitish scab, blue when cooked.[5]
Cultra 2 kg bag of Cultra variety potatoes.jpg [6]
Cyrano Origin of 'Cyrano' is the result of a cross made in 1991 between 'Goldstar' and HO86E423 at HZPC, Metslawier, The Netherlands.
Dejima Potato cv Dejima.jpg Japan 1971 [7]
Désirée Désirée Potatoes.jpg Netherlands 1962
Doré Aardappel 'Doré' (Solanum tuberosum 'Doré').jpg Netherlands 1939
Dos Color Solanum tuberosum Dos Color.jpg
Duke of York Solanum tuberosum Duke of York (04).jpg
Dutch Cream [2] [2]
Early Fortune Newfoundland 1820s Possibly developed by Ann Hulan
Edelgard Solanum tuberosum Edelgard (02).jpg
Edzell Blue Solanum tuberosum Edzell Blue.jpg Scotland
Eigenheimer Netherlands
Ennstaler Alpe Solanum tuberosum Ennstaler Alpe (03).jpg
Espirit Espirit.jpg
Ewelina Ewelina.jpg
Fenton Solanum tuberosum Fenton (03).jpg
Filea Filea.jpg
Fingerling Fingerling Potatoes, Pike Place Market.jpg
Finka Finka (retuschiert).jpg
Flava Solanum tuberosum Flava (02).jpg
French Fingerling
Gala Kartoffel Gala 02 (fcm).jpg
German Butterball
Golden Wonder Scotland 1906
Hansa Solanum tuberosum Hansa (03).jpg
Heideniere Solanum tuberosum Heideniere (03).jpg
Hela Solanum tuberosum Hela (04).jpg
Hermanns Blaue Solanum tuberosum Hermanns Blaue.jpg
Highland Burgundy Red Solanum tuberosum Highland Burgundy Red (04).jpg Scotland 1930s
Holtgaster Blaue Solanum tuberosum Holtgaster Blaue (02).jpg
Home Guard Scotland 1942
Huayro Papa huayro 1.jpg Peru
Imilla Papa Inilla.jpg Bolivia
Industrie Solanum tuberosum Industrie (05).jpg
Innovator [de]
Irish Cobbler Potato cv IrishCobbler.JPG
Irish Lumper
Irish White Ireland 1882
Jam Solanum tuberosum Jam (04).jpg
Jazzy Jazzy potatoes.jpg
Jeanie Deans
Jersey Royal Jersey Royal potatoes.jpg Jersey 1880
Jubel Solanum tuberosum Jubel (02).jpg
Juliette Solanum tuberosum Juliette (04).jpg
Kennebec Patata Kennebec.JPG United States 1941
Kerr's Pink Scotland 1907
Kestrel Kestrelpotatoes.jpg 1992
Keuka Gold
King Edward King Edward.jpg United Kingdom 1902
Kipfler [3] Germany [2]
Kitaakari Potato cv kitaakari.JPG Japan 1987 [7]
Kuhbauch Solanum tuberosum Kuhbauch (02).jpg
Lady Balfour
Laura Laura (odrůda brambor).jpg Austria 1998
Lenape United States 1967
Lima Solanum tuberosum Lima (03).jpg
Linda potato [de] Potato var. Linda HC1.JPG Was voted German "potato of the year 2007".[3]
Linzer Blaue Solanum tuberosum Linzer Blaue.jpg
Linzer Delikatess Solanum tuberosum Linzer Delikatess (03).jpg
Linzer Rose Solanum tuberosum Linzer Rose (03).jpg
Linzer Speise Solanum tuberosum Linzer Speise (04).jpg
Linzer Stärke Solanum tuberosum Linzer Stärke (02).jpg
Marabel Kartoffeln der Sorte Marabel.JPG
Marcy United States 1990
Marfona Netherlands 1975
Maris Piper Maris Piper canopy.jpg United Kingdom 1966
Mayan Queen Solanum tuberosum Mayan Queen (02).jpg
May Queen Potato cv MayQueen.jpg Japan [7]
Megachip 1985
Melody One organic Melody potato grown in Worcestershire in 2015.jpg [8]
Miss Blush Solanum tuberosum Miss Blush (02).jpg
Mizen Ireland 1978
Monalisa Pommes de terre Monalisa.png
Mozart potato
MP 8414420 Solanum tuberosum MP 8414420 (02).jpg
Mr. Bresee Solanum tuberosum Mr. Bresee (04).jpg
Negra Andina Andean black potato 2.JPG Peru
Navan Northern Ireland 1987 Bred from Maris Piper. Well suited for frying.[9][10]
Nicola Solanum tuberosum 'Nicola', aardappel.jpg It was voted German "potato of the year 2016".[3]
Nishiyutaka Potato cv Nishiyutaka.jpg Japan 1978 [7]
Norddeutsche Inseln Solanum tuberosum Norddeutsche Inseln (04).jpg
Norgold Russet [11]
Oldenburger Blaue Solanum tuberosum Oldenburger Blaue (02).jpg
Opperdoezer Ronde Opperdoezer Ronde.jpg Netherlands
Ostbote Solanum tuberosum Ostbote (05).jpg
Ozette Ozette potato1.jpg
Pachacoña Chile
Parel Aardappel 'Parel' (Solanum tuberosum).jpg
Peruanische Blaue Solanum tuberosum Peruanische Blaue (03).jpg
Pike United States 1996
Pink Eye [4] Tasmania, Australia
Pink Fir Apple Pink fir-apple potato.JPG France
Piruanita Cusco, Peru
Präsident Krüger Solanum tuberosum Präsident Krüger (03).jpg
Princess Potatoe var Princess.jpg
Professor Wohltmann Solanum tuberosum Professor Wohltmann (03).jpg
Puca Quitish Solanum tuberosum Puca Quitish (04).jpg
Puikula Solanum tuberosum Puikula (04).jpg
Quarta Quarta.jpg
Ranger Russet United States 1991
Ratte La Ratte.jpg
Red Britain Solanum tuberosum Red Britain (04).jpg
Red Gold Canada 1970s
Red La Soda United States 1948
Red Norland Potato flowers-red norland.jpg United States
Red Pontiac United States
Reichskanzler Solanum tuberosum Reichskanzler (05).jpg
Remarka Aardappel Remarka (Solanum tuberosum).jpg
Rooster Ireland
Rosalind Solanum tuberosum Rosalind20100329 01.jpg
Rosenerdling Solanum tuberosum Rosenerdling (03).jpg
Roseval Solanum tuberosum Roseval (02).jpg
Roslau Solanum tuberosum Roslau (04).jpg
Royal Blue [5]
Rua New Zealand [12]
Runa Bolivia
Ruby Lou [6]
Russet Burbank Russet potato.jpg 1902
Russet Norkotah
Russian blue Russian Blue potato.jpg Russia
Sapphire [7]
Sebago [8] [2]
Sechswochenkartoffel Solanum tuberosum Blaue Sechswochenkartoffel (02).jpg
Selma [de] Germany 1972
Sharpes Express Solanum tuberosum Sharpes Express (03).jpg
Shetland Black Solanum tuberosum Shetland Black (03).jpg Scotland
Sieglinde [de] Patata sieglinde nel vincotto.jpg Germany 1938 Was voted as German "potato of the year 2010".[3]
Sigma Solanum tuberosum Sigma (02).jpg
Silverton Russet
Skerry Champion Scotland 1922
Solara Solara.jpg
Spunta Spunta-6824-9752.jpg
Stobrawa Poland
Superior United States 1962
Svenungas Blaue Solanum tuberosum Svenungas Blaue (02).jpg
Sylvana Parentage: Fabula x Xantia
Tannenberg Solanum tuberosum Tannenberg (04).jpg
Tennaer Solanum tuberosum Tennaer.jpg
Toya Potato cv Toya.jpg Japan 1992 [7]
Tyson Cross: Sylvana x Cyrano
UACH 0918 Solanum tuberosum UACH 0918 (03).jpg
UACH 0964 Solanum tuberosum UACH 0964.jpg
UACH 0965 Solanum tuberosum UACH 0065 (03).jpg
Ulster Emblem Ireland 1966
Umatilla Russet United States 1998
Urberger Solanum tuberosum Urberger (04).jpg
Villetta Rose United States 1994
Vineta Solanum tuberosum Vineta20100419 12.jpg
Viola Solanum tuberosum Viola (05).jpg
Violette d'Auvergne Solanum tuberosum Violette d'Auvergne.jpg
Violine de Borée Solanum tuberosum Violine de Borée (05).jpg
Vitelotte Vitelotte.jpg France
Vivaldi Netherlands
Weißauge Solanum tuberosum Weißauge (04).jpg
Yellow Finn
Yukon Gold Yukon-gold-potatoes.jpg Canada 1965

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