Telecommunications in Venezuela

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Telephones - main lines in use: 7.332 million (2011)

Telephones - mobile cellular: 28,782,000 (2011)

Telephone system: modern and expanding
domestic: domestic satellite system with 3 earth stations; recent substantial improvement in telephone service in rural areas; substantial increase in digitalization of exchanges and trunk lines; installation of a national interurban fibre-optic network capable of digital multimedia services; combined fixed and mobile-cellular telephone subscribership 130 per 100 persons
international: country code - 58; submarine cable systems provide connectivity to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and US; satellite earth stations - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) and 1 PanAmSat; participating with Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia in the construction of an international fiber-optic network; constructing submarine cable to provide connectivity to Cuba

Broadcast media[edit]

The government of Venezuela supervises a mixture of state-run and private broadcast media; 1 state-run TV network, 4 privately owned TV networks, a privately owned news channel with limited national coverage, and a government-backed Pan-American channel. A state-run radio network includes 65 new stations and roughly another 30 stations targeted at specific audiences. A state-sponsored community broadcasters include 244 radio stations and 36 TV stations. The number of private broadcast radio stations have been declining, but many remain in operation.


Internet Hosts: 1.016 million (2012)

Internet Users: 8.918 million (2009)

Country code (Top level domain): VE

Venezuela has many Internet service providers, although the market is dominated by the now state-owned which offers ADSL and Dialup services. Broadband access Venezuela is provided through ADSL, Cable, Satellite, EDGE, EV-DO, WiFi Hotspots and more recently WiMax. Prices vary from $45 to $60 USD per month for basic broadband plans. Some of the most important providers are: