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This user is of Korean ancestry .
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Revi, 2017.

Welcome to my userpage, I'm revi. My homewiki is Korean Wikipedia. I'm active on Meta, Commons, Wikidata, and here. If you notice my mistakes/errors, feel free to correct me on talk page.

These days (as of 2020) I usually respond to rename request, translate on request, track LTAs, and some minor stuff not listed here. I'm interested in article area (made two DYKs long ago), but I'm more of a behind-the-scenes person rather than a content creator.

I am a Steward, and a Chief Laziness Officer appointed by myself.

I am an administrator on some other wikis.

I have OTRS access under username Revi and I have access to following queues: info-ko, info-en, sisterproject (f), permissions, and stewards.


See User:-revi/articlelist.


  • COI Disclosure
  • I only receive pings via email. Nothing pops up on the notifications bar. Don't send a ping and assume I saw it. Use the talk page if you really need my attention.
  • I use VPN (Mullvad IPs) when I am on an unsecured network (Airport, censorships, etc etc). I try not to edit when I am on a VPN (because I am a Steward, system allows me to edit regardless of the IP block) I may forget about the VPN and edit on Wikipedia. It is not my intention to edit on VPN networks.
  • You cannot send a wikimail from English Wikipedia. Please check Meta-Wiki to see how to send one.

Real life

This user has never been further
As08-16-2593.jpg north Sweden 59°39′16″N 17°56′13″E / 59.6543942°N 17.9370324°E / 59.6543942; 17.9370324
south South Africa 33°59′27″S 18°25′55″E / 33.990900°S 18.432000°E / -33.990900; 18.432000
west Italy 45°37′39″N 8°42′47″E / 45.6274°N 8.7131°E / 45.6274; 8.7131
east Canada 45°30′48″N 73°33′17″W / 45.5132734°N 73.5546515°W / 45.5132734; -73.5546515
... and higher than 2334 m
... and faster than 300Km/h (yes, on solid ground, that is...)
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