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Pages deleted180858
Users blocked200
Users unblocked19914


Technical details[edit]

AnomieBOT is written in Perl, using a custom API class to access the MediaWiki Action API. It uses SQLite or MySQL for persistent data storage.

In addition to the standard "bot" mode which will only run approved tasks, individual tasks may also be run in a "test" mode that logs proposed edits to the local filesystem instead of actually editing Wikipedia or in an "RFBA trial" mode that will automatically stop after a certain number of edits.

Source code is available at User:AnomieBOT/source. The source may be reused under the same terms as Perl, which is currently available under the GPL and/or the Artistic License; the text of the files posted here on-wiki may also be reused per Wikipedia's licensing for text contributions.

Emergency shutoff[edit]

Individual tasks may be stopped by writing any non-whitespace content to various pages under User:AnomieBOT III/shutoff/; see the task list below for the specific page corresponding to each task. Many tasks also link the appropriate page from their edit summaries.

Exclusion compliance[edit]

This bot is an exclusion compliant bot; see {{bots}} for details.

Bot accounts[edit]

AnomieBOT uses multiple accounts for its various tasks:


The full list of tasks for all AnomieBOT bots is at User:AnomieBOT/TaskList.


Task Disable {{bots}} Approval Description
BrokenRedirectDeleter Here Green tickY Approved 2014-02-26

+ 2017-05-22

Cleans up broken redirects:

  • Attempted interwiki redirects are replaced with {{soft redirect}}
  • Redirects broken due to a move of the target without leaving a redirect are updated, if possible.
  • Other broken redirects are deleted if the following are true:
    • The redirect has only 1 revision OR was created more than 4 days ago
    • The redirect is not in the User or User talk namespaces
    • The target page has no log entries less than 12 hours ago
    • The redirect has 10 or fewer incoming links
    • The bot is not excluded, e.g. with {{nobots}}
  • When a broken redirect is deleted, any subpages, and the talk page (if any) and its subpages will be deleted, unless:
    • The page is a talk page with an existing subject page
    • The page is tagged with {{G8-exempt}}
    • The page has more than 10 incoming links
    • The bot is excluded, e.g. with {{nobots}}
    • The parent subpage wasn't deleted
  • Skipped redirects will be reported to User:AnomieBOT III/Broken redirects

SpamBlacklistBlocker Here Red XN Approved 2016-12-25

Block IPs that hit certain URLs on the spam blacklist too frequently.

POTDPageDeleter Here Green tickY Approved 2019-03-17

Delete Template:POTD protected/YYYY-MM-DD (per WP:CSD#G6) 30 days after the listed date, and remove the "See also" link from the corresponding Template:POTD/YYYY-MM-DD.

On demand[edit]

Task Disable {{bots}} Approval Description
MassDeleter Here Red XN Approved 2016-04-13

Performs mass deletions after consensus at XfD or other processes. Can also CSD associated talkpages and their subpages.

In development[edit]

Task Disable {{bots}} Status Description
DatedCategoryDeleterTest Here Red XN N/A, only edits bot's/owner's userspace. On hold

Investigation for whether a bot to G6 emptied dated maintenance categories would be useful. It will log to a subpage and we'll see how often it actually finds anything.

Awaiting approval[edit]

None at this time.


Task Disable {{bots}} Status Description
OldIPUnblocker Here Green tickY Completed 2019-05-20

Unblock non-range IPs blocked in 2008 or earlier, per Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)#Proposal about some indefinite IP blocks.

TFAProtector Here Red XN Inactive 2021-05-31

Apply pending changes protection to Today's Featured Article while it's on the main page.

Currently won't do anything pending an RFC to determine whether the community wants this to continue past the trial that ended 2021-05-31.