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Hi, I'm Blablubbs. I do things here. Outside of my work in articlespace, those are mostly things related to socks and Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations (where I get to wear a green clerk fez), undisclosed paid editing, proxy checking, and UPE socks on proxies. In 2021, the community voted to give me some extra buttons, so now I also do sysop things sometimes.

Things I believe[edit]

  • Wikipedia, despite all the flaws it may have, is an incredible and worthwhile effort and proof that altruism can succeed.
  • We have a huge impact on what the world believes to be true and worthy of note.
  • Knowledge is fragile, and we need to handle it with great care.
  • Power and knowledge are closely intertwined, and we should be mindful of that.
  • "Do no harm" is the only editing philosophy I try to always adhere to, be it in articlespace or elsewhere.
  • Wikipedia's culture of debate sometimes bears an uncanny resemblance to the techniques for "General Interference with Organizations and Production" outlined by the Office of Strategic Services in its "Simple Sabotage Field Manual"
  • Nazism and similar beliefs that deny or downplay the humanity of people are inherently incompatible with a collaborative editing environment and with the goals of a neutral encyclopaedia.
  • Undisclosed paid editing is an ever-growing problem and we are currently under-equipped to handle it.
  • The relationship between the WMF and the community is deeply flawed in many ways, and that needs to change.
  • IP masking is a terrible idea and will have grave implications.

Things I have worked on or am working on[edit]

Things I find funny[edit]

Things I like to use[edit]

  • m:User:Blablubbs/rbk.js: A fork of a fork of a fork of a rollback script, brought back from the graveyard of deprecated tools with the kind help of Chlod. Prompts for an edit summary when using rollback and reverts in place (without sending you to a splash screen). Faster than regular rollback, and has a substantially smaller visual footprint than Twinkle's revert module.
  • The markblocked gadget and GeneralNotability's mark-locked script, which visually indicate whether a user is blocked or locked respectively.
  • MoreMenu: All the links you ever wanted, and then some. Easy to extend with basic javascript knowledge.
    • m:User:Blablubbs/moremenu-64.js adds a quick link to the /64 when looking at an individual IPv6 address
    • m:User:Blablubbs/moremenu-block.js adds a tab with links to partially pre-filled Special:Block entries when looking at IP addresses; mostly intended for people who make lots of rangeblocks, which Twinkle (currently) does not handle. Due to MoreMenu limitations, this only shows up when looking at range links in the [[Special:Contributions/]] format, and not with different URL schemes (e.g. ?target= I circumvent this issue with...
  • This redirector add-on for firefox, with some additional rules to redirect all CentralAuth links to meta (so that I can see lock reasons) and turn those awful Special:MobileDiff links into proper ones.
  • spihelper! An excellent tool and an absolute must for SPI clerks, checkusers and patrolling administrators.
  • The find-archived-section gadget, which automatically searches for archived sections when following an outdated section link.
  • Navigation popups. Great to quickly check user groups and pronouns, and very helpful for examining checking large numbers of diffs without ever leaving Special:Contributions.
  • More-block-info.js by Firefly, which displays all rangeblocks affecting a given blocked IP, even if they are "layered", and displays lock reasons on Special:Contributions pages.
  • Sort of like recent changes on wheeeeeels steroids; allows you to monitor anything from edits to user registrations on any Wikimedia project of your choice in real time.

Things I need to disclose[edit]

I have one alternative account, Blablubber (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · filter log · block user · block log), that I use for testing. I also have seven doppelgänger accounts to prevent impersonation; all of them have been blocked. I don't operate, and have never operated, any other accounts.

Thing with many characters[edit]