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The English Wikipedia Guidelines strongly discourage editors with a conflict of interest from editing articles directly, and prohibits paid editors from doing so without disclosing. Instead, these editors are encouraged to submit an edit request on the article talk page using the form below. This will generate a request for another editor to review to decide whether the edit should be made.

Additionally, some pages are protected to prevent vandalism (either temporarily or permanently), in which case editors without the relevant permissions may need to submit an edit request if they want to change those pages.

If you are unsure if you are being paid to edit or have a conflict of interest, you should submit an edit request or seek advice rather than editing an article directly.

  • Paid editing is when either indirectly or directly, someone is compensating you monetarily for your contributions to this specific page on Wikipedia. This includes if you are editing as part of your job.
I'm being paid to edit
  • A Conflict of Interest is when you have a relationship with the subject that you are editing about. This includes situations such as where you are related to an individual, have a financial stake in a company, or where you are the subject of an article.
I have a conflict of interest
  • A page is protected if you can't edit the page because you don't have sufficient permissions to do so. This is typically indicated by a padlock in the corner of the page or a notice when you try to edit the page.
The page is protected