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Information Assurance, Information Security professional sections and Template:Computer_Security_Certifications

There is a debate about the difference between Computer Security, Information Security and Information Assurance; see Information Assurance top for a short explanation.

I think that most certification listed in navbox are about Information Assurance and Information Security: look at the certification names.

Computer Security is a more used but limited term.

Information Security is a wider term than Computer security: I proposed to change (at least in the first line of the navbox) the name of this template. Moving the template to a new name "Information Security Certifications" would be better. I do not know if redirect work for transclusions, otherwise we have to change (eventually by a bot) all the references.

I have noticed that not every certification listed in the template transclude the template itself.

According to my opinion at least an article should transclude this template. I saw that Computer security and Computer insecurity do not have a certification/professionalism sections

Information assurance have sections about certifications and I recently have worked on Information security#Professional association and certification.

I think the best solution is to write a new article perhaps Information security certification, moving the current versions of the above mentioned sections dealing with certification and inserting a {{main|Information security certification}} in the articles. Eventually in this new article we can try to categorize the different certifications

I will post a similar sections in the cited articles. I suggest that your welcome comments to be posted in Template_talk:Computer_Security_Certifications

--Pastore Italy (talk) 12:19, 17 December 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Computing importance no longer defaults to Computer Security importance

Articles tagged using {{WikiProject Computer Security}} will retain their Computer Security importance, but will no longer get assigned a general computing importance unless one is provided explicitly using computing-importance=.

When assessing articles for the Computer Security project, please consider the computing importance and tag accordingly. For articles which also have a {{WikiProject Computing}} banner, its importance= must match the Computer Security computing-importance=.

This will help WP Computing in three ways:

  1. Improve the accuracy of importance assessments for general computing
  2. Avoid unexpected changes to the Computing importance that result from changing the Computer Security importance
  3. Bring attention to the parameter for general computing importance, reducing the likelihood of articles accidently being listed in multiple Computing importance categories. (This causes false entries in the Computing reassessment log – see discussion at WP:COMP/A – and likely other problems as well.) --Pnm (talk) 04:14, 20 December 2010 (UTC)[reply]